Coach routes and timetables - Overview

It is important to understand the concept of coach routes and timetables. 

There are a number of configuration cards as follows:

  • Coach stops
  • Coach routes
  • Timetables
  • Travel dates
  • School addresses

Think of building up coach travel in the following sequence:

  1. "Coach stops" identify a precise location where a coach starts or stops to collect or drop off.
  2. "Coach routes" comprise two or more "coach stops" and the time that the coach arrives or departs from each.
  3. "Timetables" comprise one or more "coach routes".
  4. "Travel dates" have one "timetable" applied.

Firstly we add the coach stops to build our database. This may include different precise stops for incoming and outgoing coaches in the same locality, e.g. where the coach stops at a motorway service station, there may be a northbound and southbound side.

We can then build a coach route using the stops already added and specifying the time that the coach departs from or stops at that particular location. There may be multiple coach routes using a particular stop at different times, e.g. for outbound and return routes or an early and late coach service.

Once we have set up routes, we can then build a timetable. The timetable will be specific to a particular travel day, for example every half term coaches may leave at 14:30, whereas at the end of term they may leave at 10:00. In this case we would have a Half Term timetable and an End of Term timetable.

The appropriate timetable is then applied to each travel day.