Coach routes

A coach route is made up of two or more coach stops. It runs at a predefined time.

To add a new coach route, click Add at the top of the card.

The dialogue box asks you to enter the name of the route. Use a friendly name that you and those booking will recognise, e.g. 14:00 School to Heathrow

Click Save and the name will be added to the Coach Routes list.

Next click the three dots at the end of the entry in the list and click Open from the pop-out menu.

You will see a list of all the coach stops you have created in the Coach Stops list. Click the toggle switch next to the first stop.

The dialogue box asks for the time that the coach will be at that stop. Use the time picker to enter the time in 24-hour format. Clicking the inner ring of the hour picker selects the PM numbers (13 to 23). Once you have picked the hour, you then pick the minute.

Click Save and add the next stop using the same procedure.

Build up the route by adding as many stops as you wish. The system will display the route vertically in the panel in chronological order.