Clearing your cache

At i-gtm we find that many issues can be resolved by clearing the web browser cache and flushing the DNS. Here are some instructions for the most popular web browsers. If you can’t see instructions for your specific web browser, please get in touch.

All of these tasks should be carried out while logged out of i-gtm.

Clearing the cache and cookies in Chrome

In the application menu click History then Show full history.

Click Clear Browsing Data.

A window opens with various tick-boxes. In the Basic tab select Cookies and other site data  then click the “Clear data” button. Ensure that the time-frame drop-down box says “All time”.

Log back in to i-gtm.

Clearing cache and cookies in Firefox

Click the Firefox menu in the top left corner of the browser window.

Hover over History in the right-hand menu column and click Clear recent History.

From the pop-up window, tick Cookies and Cache then click Clear Now.

Log back in to i-gtm.

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