Taxi supplier dashboard

Location of the dashboard

Access to your dashboard is at

How to log in

Login is using either Microsoft or Google authentication.


When logging in with Microsoft or Google it’s very important to understand that there is absolutely no privacy implication.

By clicking either of these buttons, the system is requesting that Microsoft/Google verifies that the email address being presented holds a valid account with that service and that the password is correct.

At no point does the user’s Google or Microsoft password touch our application and Google and Microsoft do not track users’ interaction with i-gtm. This is purely a validation function that is industry standard.

If your email is not registered with either Microsoft or Google

You do not need a Hotmail or Gmail address. ANY address can be registered with Microsoft and Google for free.

For Microsoft, see

For Google, see

Understanding the dashboard

The dashboard looks like this:


To view the passenger or booker’s phone number, hover your mouse over the mobile phone icon next to their name.

To view the passenger or booker’s email address, hover your mouse over the envelope icon next to their name.

If your computer is connected to your phone system, you can click on the mobile phone icon to place a call to the number.

To change the date range of jobs shown on the dashboard, use the date pickers in the top right to set the start and end dates then click search.

To view just a specific school travel day, click the Select Travel Day button and select from the drop-down list. Click Search.

To view a booking in more detail, click the Taxi Booking Ref. number (beginning 70). Alternatively click the 3 dots on the right end of the line and select View Booking.

To add extras and close a job for billing, click the 3 dots at the end of the line and click Confirm Fare.

Receiving a booking

You will get an email notifying you of a new booking. Click the link in the email and you will arrive at this page:

Enter the base price and click “Set price” or, if you don’t wish to accept the booking, click “Refuse booking”. If you refuse the booking, please call GTMatrix Operations to discuss on +44 20 3355 2858.

Once the base price is set you will see this price in the dashboard against the booking. If an entry in the dashboard has No Fare against it, you have not yet set the base price.

When you set the base price, the person who made the booking will receive an email confirming.

If you do not wish to accept the booking, click Refuse Booking.

Closing a booking

Once the booking has been completed you should close it after adding any extras.

Once the booking is closed, you can no longer edit the price.

General points


  1. Parent makes a taxi request in the i-gtm parent booking form.
  2. Parent receives an email with link to confirm that the booking is genuine and valid.
  3. Parent clicks link to verify booking.
  4. Taxi company receives email requesting the journey. At this point the journey is deemed to be booked unless refused by you.
  5. Taxi co. clicks the link in the email to accept and enter the base price.
  6. Parent receives a second email confirming the price with a link to cancel if they aren’t happy or if their plans change.
  7. After the journey is complete Taxi Co. closes the booking.
  8. Parent receives email confirming the final price with the option to pay by credit card (option available Sept. 2022) or add to the school bill.

i-gtm is being actively developed and new features added continually. This document will be updated regularly.

V1.0 13/07/2022