Coach stop not offered

The system has detected that the closest stop to your home is actually a stop that you don't wish to go to as it's better for you to go slightly further to get a better stop.

To get round this please do the following:

  • When offered the coach click "Travel another way"
  • On the next screen click "With stops". This is because the system will need to know how you are getting from home to coach stop before taking the coach back to school, so it's a multi-leg journey.
  • On the next screen, "Add journey leg", click "School Coach Stop" then select the stop required from the drop-down list.
  • The next screen asks you how you are getting to the selected coach stop. Select Private Car (or Taxi as appropriate).
  • The next screen asks you whether are you going direct to the destination (i.e. directly to school) or are you making any more stops.  It asks this because it's possible that you are using the coach stop as a rendezvous point and not actually going on the coach (unlikely, but we have to cater for all possibilities!) Click Going direct.
  • It then asks how you are getting to school.  Click Coach. 
  • Click Next and the process is complete, ready for confirmation.