Ride share can be either Public or Private.

Public ride-share means that you agree to share with anyone at the school who happens to be taking the same route at the same time. The system will suggest that a ride-share is available and give you the option of joining in.

Private ride-share requires the lead booker to enter the expected number of passengers in order that the taxi provider can quote accurately. The quote will be returned to the lead booker with the full price of the vehicle and when they accept, they will be sent a share code to circulate amongst the group.

When others book the same route they can enter the share code and they will be added to the taxi. The price of the vehicle can be split equally between all travellers or can be paid by the lead booker. You can select the option required at the time of booking.

As lead booker you request a taxi with a capacity of the number of students you anticipate will be sharing. Of course, this isn’t guaranteed as one or more of them might not take up their place, or may drop out.
Nevertheless, you want to know that a taxi of the anticipated capacity is available and how much it will cost you as lead booker is nobody else joins in - what’s your maximum liability if all your friends let you down? This is why you get the base cost of the taxi quoted.
However, if all of your friends do join in, you want to know how much it is for each person, so we quote the lines for the total cost if all join the share and how much that is for each. 
i-gtm charges a small processing fee per taxi and a further small uplift for additional passengers in a ride-share.

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