Understanding the booking form in more detail

The booking for uses the following logic:

  1. Travel date
  2. Children travelling
  3. Starting point
  4. Ending point
  5. Method of travel

PLUS: Optionally add another intermediate destination and the system will ask how you are getting there before asking whether there are any more intermediate destinations or whether you are now going directly to the final destination.

For example, if your child is taking a train from home back to school the booking might look like this:

Start: UK Home

End: School house

Method of travel: Taxi

To: Train station near home

Method of travel: Train

To: Train station near school

Method of travel: School coach

To: School

This can be illustrated in the graphic below

Only those travel methods available for that particular journey leg are able to be selected. Where a school coach is available this will be suggested, even where a school coach would take the student closer to the final destination but not all the way.